"Living the Volunteer Spirit in Sisterhood"

Our History and Community Volunteer Service



The Vienna Woman's Club is united in sisterhood with the General Federation of  Women's Clubs.  While the Vienna Woman's club is a small group of women with an unwavering commitment to support our local community; our mission to enhance the lives of others through volunteer community service is a mission shared with nearly 80,000 members of the GFWC. Our uniqueness unites us in sisterhood with a volunteering spirit that is making a difference to communities all across the world.    EDITING


We are club women; diverse in age, home origin, and interests who are bonded in friendship with gratitude and kindness while share our knowledge and experience in friendship; while  while serving and the generosity  with each other in friendship; and with the community we serve togeth er in sisterhood. 


Our History IN VIENNA

 The Vienna Woman’s Club was founded by twenty-two women on October 12, 1955 under the name of Vienna Hill's Woman's Club. The first president was Mrs. A.H. VanHuison.  In 1956, the Club became affiliated with the VA Federation of Women’s Clubs and also the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.  During that same year, its name was changed to the Vienna Woman’s Club.  Our members today are united in sisterhood and actively involved in numerous projects to meet the needs of our community. While an unprecedented crisis has caught the world by surprise; our community will face even more challenges ahead. Together, we can do so much; with YOU, we can do even more. Please join us!  We are always looking for new members.